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Faith Deconstruction

What deconstructing faith is, why it happens, and how to get through it.

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Open Bible with a magnifying glass on it

Understanding the Bible

How to read the Bible and understand Scripture as the Word of God by Dr. J. Todd Billings

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Church Life

Diversity and Belonging: A Revelation 7:9 Vision for Today and the Future

When we promote and celebrate diversity, we create a sense of belonging for all people.
Disability and Mental Health

Getting to Know Autistic Jesus

I’m not the first person to read Jesus through the lens of autism, to ponder whether Jesus was neurodiverse.
Church Life

Two Churches, One Pastor: An Old Model for the Present and Future Church

We saw this as an opportunity for life and flourishing for both churches.
AI rendering of person walking with a cane down a wide path with sunlight behind them
Disability and Mental Health
Four Lessons That Help Create an Accessible Future Now
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Church Life
How I’ve Experienced the Beauty of Being Reformed and Always Reforming
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Church Life
Three Ways Churches Can Be Hospitable in a Time of Deconstruction
illustration of different birds flocked together at a big bird house
Church Life
How I’ve Come to See the Church as a Warm Nest of Community and Belonging
illustration of a Pakistani woman surrounded by other women
God’s Irrevocable Call to Me as a Woman in Ministry
illustration of two friends sitting on park bench
What Does the Bible Say About Evangelism?
young Black woman reads Bible on an outside bench
Why I Continue to Trust and Read the Bible
ashes in the shape of a cross on a woman's forehead
Dust and Ashes: A Confession of Faith for Job and Us
colorful illustration of Black hands raised in church with cross at the center
Faith Practices
How Spiritual Disciplines Can Free the Body from Wounds of Trauma