Everybody Belongs, Serving Together

A guide for Inclusive church ministry with people with disabilities
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Church Life

Six Essentials Every Church Website Should Have

Your church website is a first impression for many. These guidelines will help you make a good one.
Church Life

How Mentoring Can Change Today’s Narrative of Young People and the Church

Stop asking, "How do we get young people back in our church?" Instead, try mentoring and intergenerational relationships.
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Will the Need for Justice and Healing Ever End?

In light of bleak news and worldwide brokenness, what hope can Revelation give us?
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Church Life
What Should Our New Normal for Discipleship Actually Be?
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How Immigration Court Challenged What I Thought I Knew about Justice
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Church Life
Not Just a Moment for Mission, but Mission in Every Moment
Two women sit with a laptop at a local coffee shop. One is in a wheelchair.
Disability and Mental Health
Why I Pursue Justice for the Marginalized in My Own Communities
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What Is the Mission of the Church Today?
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Faith Formation
Why Is There a Generation Missing from Church?
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How to Connect with Your Neighbors of Different Faiths
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Disability and Mental Health
What Mephibosheth Reveals about People with Disabilities in the Kingdom of God
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Disability and Mental Health
What Church Is Like for Me as a Person with Schizophrenia