Everybody Belongs, Serving Together

A guide for Inclusive church ministry with people with disabilities
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What Is the Mission of the Church Today?

And what does it look like to fulfill the church's mission?
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Faith Formation

Why Is There a Generation Missing from Church?

And what would it take to draw them back in?
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How to Connect with Your Neighbors of Different Faiths

Who is your neighbor of another faith?
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Disability and Mental Health
What Mephibosheth Reveals about People with Disabilities in the Kingdom of God
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Disability and Mental Health
What Church Is Like for Me as a Person with Schizophrenia
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Faith Practices
How to Host a Community Meal (and Why This Biblical Practice Matters)
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Disability and Mental Health
How to Break the Stigma around Mental Health in the Church
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Disability and Mental Health
People with Disabilities Have a Voice. Are You Listening for Us?
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Simple Outreach Ministry Ideas and Tips for Getting Started
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Disability and Mental Health
The Hidden Impact of Abled Privilege in the Church
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Disability and Mental Health
“How Do We Help People with Disabilities?”
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Disability and Mental Health
How Shaming Holds People with Disabilities Back in the Church