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A jenga tower of brown wooden blocks on black table

Faith Deconstruction

What deconstructing faith is, why it happens, and how to get through it.

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Open Bible with a magnifying glass on it

Understanding the Bible

How to read the Bible and understand Scripture as the Word of God by Dr. J. Todd Billings

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close up of globe with Southeast Asia as the focus

Four Valuable Lessons from the Global Church Today

The church should be pushing us toward each other and not away from each other.
woman sings and leads church worship with team behind her
Building God's Church Together

How To Be An Egalitarian Church: Four Steps in the Right Direction

Embodying a shared egalitarian vision requires shared responsibility for seeing such a vision lived out!
loons on water as sun sets
Creation Care

Holy Creatures Living with Other Holy Creatures in a World That Is Holy

I think we must see it with our eyes and feel it in our gut to fully realize that this…
cross made of dried palm branches lays on top of open Bible with palm branch sketch in margins
Church Life
A Tale of Two Palm Sundays: My Journey Into Ministry
hand holding black and white globe centered on South America
The Global Church and Mission: How We Can Connect Better
group of five people discern together in chairs outside
How Hearts and Attitudes Changed During Disagreement
woman reading Bible at table with other books
What Does the Bible Say About Racism?
group of five people sit outside and talk with city skyline in background
Church Life
Questions to Build Christian Community
group of a few adults and children outside in South Africa
Discerning How To Be the Family of God
young people stand and look at Bible at church
Church Life
These Four Things Are Imperative for the North American Church Today
close up of man's hands in contemplative prayer posture
What I Discerned About My Calling During My Sabbatical
close up of two African hands holding one another with circle of kids in background
How You Can Give Hope Any Time of the Year