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S ummer is a great time to slow down and reset. It’s also a time when kids are home looking for new activities to occupy their time (or to keep them from falling into the boredom trap!). This combination makes summer an ideal time to create new habits in the family. One habit we can all work to grow is reading God’s Word. And following a summer Bible reading plan for kids is a great way to foster this lifelong habit at a young age.

To help get your family started, we’ve created a 30-day summer Bible reading challenge! This challenge is targeted to elementary-age students, but the whole family can participate in this kid-friendly Bible reading plan alongside younger children.

Tips for success with a Bible reading plan for kids and families

1. Make reading a habit

  • Plan the days of the week you will read, whether it is every day, or selected days such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Plan what time of day you will read.
  • Don’t let anything take the place of this time on your calendar.

2. Set an achievable goal

For example, could read a passage every day for 30 days. Or you could read a passage five days of each week.

3. Reflect on what you’re reading in Scripture

After you have each read the passage for the day (or read it together), consider a few of the following questions about the passage:

Something that surprises me in this passage of Scripture is:

  • What question(s) do I have about this passage?
  • What does this passage say about God?
  • What does this passage say about humankind?
  • Do these verses challenge you to change any attitude, actions, or words?
  • What does this say about loving God?
  • What does this say about loving others?

Summer Bible Adventure Chart

You can track your progress with our printable Summer Bible Adventure Chart.

For an additional challenge, after completing one passage for 30 days (or more), go through it again and read the passages you did not choose the first time for the next 30 days.

30-day summer Bible reading plan

Day 1
Read from the Gospels
Mark 1:1-34
Luke 4:1-28

Day 2
Read a Psalm of Praise
Psalm 65
Psalm 145

Day 3
Read a Prophecy
Isaiah 53
Zechariah 11

Day 4
Read from a Letter
A letter from James, James 1
A letter from John, 1 John 2

Day 5
Read a Prayer
Nehemiah 1
Jonah 2

Day 6
Read about Paul’s Travels
Corinth, Acts 18
Philippi, Acts 16:6-40

Day 7
Read about a King
King Saul, 1 Samuel 13:1-15
King Solomon, 1 Kings 3:1-16

Day 8
Read a New Testament Miracle
Mark 6:30-56
Luke 5:1-31

Day 9
Read a Psalm of Lament
Psalm 6
Psalm 42

Day 10
Read a Proverb
Proverbs 25
Proverbs 28

Day 11
Read from Acts
Saul’s Conversion, Acts 9:1-31
Peter’s Miraculous Escape, Acts 12

Day 12
Read about a Judge
Gideon in Judges 6:1-28
Deborah in Judges 4:4-23

Day 13
Read from Paul’s Letters
Philippians 1
1 Corinthians 12

Day 14
Read a Story of Brothers
Joseph’s Brothers, Genesis 37
Jacob and Esau, Genesis 27

Day 15
Read a Teaching of Jesus
Matthew 5:1-16
Mathew 7

Day 16
Read an Old Testament Story of Great Faith
Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Daniel 3
Esther, Esther 4 and 7

Day 17
Read a Parable
The Sower, Mark 4:1-20
The Prodigal Son, Luke 15:11-32

Day 18
Read an Old Testament Miracle
1 Kings 17
Exodus 14

Day 19
Read from the Gospels
Mark 11
John 7:14-52

Day 20
Read about a Covenant
Abraham, Genesis 15
Noah, 9:1-17

Day 21
Read about a Baptism
Philip and the Ethiopian, Acts 8:26-40
Jesus and John the Baptist, Matthew 3

Day 22
Read about a Child
Miriam in Exodus 1:1 – 2:8
Josiah in 2 Chronicles 34

Day 23
Read about Jesus’s Birth
Simeon and Anna’s Stories, Luke 2:22-40
Mary’s Story, Luke 1:26-45

Day 24
Read about a Dream
Jacob, Genesis 28:10-22
Pharaoh, Genesis 41:1-37

Day 25
Read about Jesus’s Resurrection
John 20:1-29
Luke 24:13-35

Day 26
Read about a Prophet
Elijah, 1 Kings 18
Elisha, 2 Kings 4:1-37

Day 27
Read a New Testament Story of Great Faith
The Centurion, Luke 7:1-10
Jairus and the Sick Woman, Mark 5:21-43

Day 28
Read a Prayer of Jesus
John 17
Matthew 6:1-14

Day 29
Read about a Meal
Mark 14:12-26
John 21:1-14

Day 30
Read from Peter’s Letters
1 Peter 4
2 Peter 3

Shelley Henning has been involved in children’s and family ministry for over two decades. She is the co-founder and CEO of GrowthRings ( and has written a book, numerous articles, and curriculum related to children and family ministry.