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Not sure how to best support your missionary during COVID-19? Here are a few ways to help our missionaries abroad know we’re in this together.

1. Find a communication channel that works.

Phone with different communication channels, like email, WhatsApp, and iMessage

There are a lot of free, easy ways to connect with your missionaries abroad or close to home. Email your missionary to find out the best way to connect with them, whether it be email, WhatsApp, iMessage, or another format! If you need the email address for a Reformed Church in America missionary, contact

2. Use video to connect with missionaries.

Women with two young kids video chat on a tablet

Have your services gone virtual? Invite your missionaries in through video! Pre-recorded videos or live attendance are both great options. Contact if you would like specific videos⁠—either ones we already have or new content from a Reformed Church in America missionary.

3. Pray for your missionaries and have them pray for you.

Listening prayer

Reach out to see if your missionaries have any prayer requests during this time, and share prayer requests from your church, too. 

4. Send snail mail.

A row of colorful and quirky mailboxes

As long as the post office is still up and running, this is a great option! Who doesn’t love getting personal mail?! Personal letters, cards, and pictures are a great way to get kids involved, too.

5. Create a consistent schedule.

Schedule, computer, and plant

Deep relationships are built on committed, intentional communication. Set up a time where you reach out to your missionary by email, phone, or another means (like WhatsApp) to check in. Even once every other week is great!

6. Ask your missionaries what they need.

phone with "ask more" sticker on it, laying in pile of yellow leaves

The best way to care for someone is to ask what they need instead of assuming you know already. It’s all part of getting acquainted with each other!

6. Learn from your missionaries.

stack of books

A lot of missionaries are already in areas that have dealt with the novel coronavirus longer than North America has. This is a great way to ask how they’ve been engaged in social distancing, helped their community, and stayed plugged into their churches/ministry areas.

Kelli Gilmore

Kelli Gilmore is the communication coordinator for RCA Global Mission. You can connect with her by email at