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Looking for ways to stretch your gift-budget this year? Show your friends and family you care by giving a gift that makes a difference this Christmas. We’re not talking about the best deal on the latest trends–we’re talking about gifts that give back through things like education, clean water, empowerment, and the love of Christ.

We’ve compiled a list of meaningful gift options for every person on your holiday list. These gifts won’t go out of stock or style but will give hope for years to come. 

Give a kid a step up in life

Best for: an athlete or mentor

At Fara Limite Climbing Gym, Roma youth in the Jiu Valley experience safety and respect, develop life skills, pursue education, and come to know the love of Christ, all through rock climbing. Your gift sponsors one student climber for a month and provides the resources needed to care for and witness to that student.

$40 supports a climber for one month

Give the G.O.A.T. gift

Best for: an animal-lover or farmer

Goats are a great source of milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt, which can be eaten or sold. When you buy a goat for a family in Latin America, Africa, or the Caribbean, you provide both food security and extra income. Your gift of a goat will be multiplied when the goat’s first offspring is given to another family. Your gift also covers veterinary care. 

$65 provides one goat 

Give a healthier future

Best for: the medical professional

Without adequate supplies, medical clinics cannot meet their patients’ needs. Your gift provides life-saving medical care and immunizations in places like Brazil, Kenya, and Niger. 

$100 provides medical care

Give more time to women in Kenya

Best for: the mother-figure in your life who could always use a little more time

Water is heavy! Water rollers help women and girls in remote Kenyan villages transport ten times as much water as they could carry on their heads. This means fewer trips to the well, saving time and enabling the girls and women to attend school or explore economic opportunities. 

$140 provides one water roller

Give peace to South Sudanese refugees

Best for: peace-keeper or social worker

Today, more than 4 million individuals are forcefully displaced from South Sudan. While living in refugee camps, they face ongoing threats to their safety and security, including conflict with each other and with their host communities. Your gift will train a South Sudanese refugee to become a refugee camp peacemaker, equipping and empowering them to facilitate peace, reconciliation, and social cohesion for other refugees living in the camp.

$200 equips a refugee camp peacemaker

Give meals to a hungry child

Best for: the chef or cook who loves through food

Many children in Bluefields, Nicaragua, are living in poverty with limited access to nutritious meals and health care. Your gift feeds a child for one year through the Healthy Child Program. This program holistically supports children by providing nutrition and medical care as they work their way through school. 

$55 feeds a child for a year

Give the hope of God’s Word

Best for: Anyone with a passion for Scripture

Imagine someone shares a book with you that, they say, holds amazing truths and transformational hope in Christ. The only problem is that it is not available in your language—sign language. Your gift of a scholarship will train a Deaf leader so they can share God’s Word in sign language with the Deaf community in Brazil.

$50 provides a scholarship for a Deaf student

Give business skills to a woman in India

Best for: entrepreneurs or craftspeople

Through a tailoring program in India, women living below the poverty line are equipped to start their own home-based businesses. Upon graduation, each woman receives a sewing machine and five years of mentoring. Your gift makes a brighter future for these women and their families possible.

$175 provides one sewing machine

Give the gift of learning

Best for: educators or grandparents

Many children around the world do not have access to education because of a lack of financial resources. Your gift covers school supplies, tuition, and other educational necessities, giving children in Kenya and India access to a brighter future.

$50 provides one month of education

Still have someone left to shop for on your Christmas list? Check out additional gifts that give back:

Kelli Gilmore

Kelli Gilmore is the coordinator for RCA Global Mission marketing and communications. You can connect with her by email at