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We all have that person in our lives—the one who is impossible to buy a Christmas gift for because either they already have everything or you have no idea where to start. Don’t fret! Show your friends and family you care by giving a gift that makes a difference this Christmas. We’ve found nine amazing Christmas gift ideas that will give your loved ones the gift of giving back. 

So, what’s on your “to purchase” Christmas list this year? Tuck a few of these gifts under the tree, in a stocking, or on top of another gift for an extra special touch. The perk? You can rest assured you’re giving a gift your loved one will enjoy while also sharing the love of Christ with the world.  

For the animal enthusiast

Give a family a flock of chickens


Pass the poultry, literally, this Christmas by gifting a flock of chickens. With this gift, a family receives nutrition and income opportunities. Your gift keeps on giving when the family passes along the next generation of chicks to another family. 

For the dreamers and the doers

Provide a woman with a sewing machine and tailor training


Does your mom, grandma, or uncle like to sew? Share their love of the craft with a woman living below the poverty line in India. Through a tailoring program, women are equipped to start their home-based businesses. Upon graduation, each woman receives a sewing machine and five years of mentoring.

For the person with a passion for learning

Cover one month of education for a Deaf student in Jamaica


Forget the fancy coffee mugs or baked goods, get the teachers you know something that will truly mean something to them—the gift of education! It’s estimated only two percent of Deaf children worldwide receive their education in a signed language, many of them suffering from language deprivation the rest of their lives. Your gift will provide a Deaf student in Jamaica full language access and education. Your gift also covers the cost of housing, food, and the opportunity to experience the joy of knowing Jesus. 

For the nurturers

Provide care for a child in South Africa


Give the gift of care to those who care most for those in your life. Your gift provides for the medical, nutritional, and educational needs of a child in South Africa and supports their foster family in the process for one month. During this month, Setshabelo Family and Child Services work to improve the child’s situation, either by supporting the family to prevent separation or by finding a loving adoptive family.

For the reader or podcast lover

Give access to God’s Word in audio form


Does someone you know love to share good stories? Or maybe they can’t stop listening to trendy podcasts. Through the gift of one audio Bible, you can help them share the best story with someone in their heart language for the first time.

For the doctor, nurse, or healthcare professional

Provide life-saving medical care worldwide


Access to healthcare matters—and we know you have someone in your life who thinks so, too. Without adequate supplies, medical clinics cannot meet their patients’ needs. Your gift provides life-saving medical care and immunizations where they aren’t otherwise accessible.

For the entrepreneur

Empower a women in Nicaragua with seeds, tools, and training


Who is the self-starter in your life? This gift will help them empower another self-starter with the tools, training, and resources to thrive. Because fruits and vegetables are expensive, the typical diet in Nicaragua consists of rice, beans, plantains, and tortillas. Your gift supplies a woman with seeds for produce like squash, melons, carrots, and cucumbers. She will also receive training to manage her gardens and will attend cooking classes so she can provide better nutrition for her family.

For the person who has everything

Give kids clean water


Who is the hardest person for you to buy for? Give them something that is key to survival: clean water! Lack of clean water is a leading cause of disease and poor health for children in impoverished areas. Your gift ensures that children have access to clean water through wells and water purifiers. Your gift also provides courses for parents to learn about sustainable food sources.

For the Sunday School teacher, church leader, or loved one passionate about sharing their faith

Help a child attend Sidewalk Sunday School in the Philippines


This gift will light up the hearts of anyone passionate about sharing their faith with the world. Through this gift, a child in the urban slums of Davao City, Philippines will be able to participate fully in Sidewalk Sunday School. Here, they will sing, watch skits, play games, receive food, and also learn about God’s love and truth. In turn, they often return home and share the hope of Christ with their families—growing the gospel-reach thousands at a time!

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Kelli Gilmore

Kelli Gilmore is the communication coordinator for RCA Global Mission. You can connect with her by email at