In Christ’s Name

Lyrics by David Alexander, All rights reserved.
Music: Set to the tune of “Rainy Night Flower,” a Taiwanese folk song

Hymn lyrics:

The Triune God gathers and protects and gives care to the church on earth. Word and Spirit are God’s instruments from beginning to the end. 

The one church is universal, the communion of the saints. Called from the entire human family, holy, Christian, by God’s grace. 

To each other reconciled in Christ, a community of faithful folk. Joined in union, bound by the Holy Ghost, this we earnestly pursue. 

Neither race class nor ethnicity can divide us each from all. To impede this basic unity is a sin against God’s call. 

We believe God has entrusted reconciliation to the church As the salt of the earth, as light of the world, in obedience to the word. 

We believe that God is best revealed standing squarely among the poor. Fight injustice and oppression, that’s religion which is pure. 

Follow Christ who goes before us, stand beside him facing earthly pow’rs. Point out greed and selfish interests that control and harm the poor. 

We are called in Christ to witness and to act on the things we claim. Even when the law forbids us we’re empowered in God’s name.