Manifesting Jesus

Lyrics by David Alexander. All rights reserved.
Music: Set to the tune of Arnsberg, public domain

Hymn lyrics:

We believe the Father, Son and Holy Spirit gather and protect the One church from the human fam’ly, universal holy, into the communion of saints. From of old, to the end, manifesting Jesus, who forever frees us. 

Gift and obligation, unity in action, visible as witness that Christ banished separation, conquered sin and hatred, made us one in spirit and mind. Eat one bread, drink one cup, manifesting Jesus who for freedom frees us. 

Reconciliation, every land and nation, every race and kindred and tribe, through God’s word and Spirit people all inherit possibility for new life. Banish fear, God is here, manifesting Jesus who from terror frees us. 

Stand against injustice, follow Christ in mission, feed the hungry, lift the oppressed. Seek the poor and orphan, feed the hungry stranger, this the fast that God says is blest. Stand, oppose greed and woes, manifesting Jesus who for justice frees us. 

Fear no persecution for the Lord is with you, though the pow’rs of law you oppose. Jesus, too, was slandered, scorned and mocked and beaten, hung upon the cross by his foes. God’s the law, we obey, manifesting Jesus who for service frees us.

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