Since the Beginning of the World

Lyrics by David Alexander, Copyright 2005. All rights reserved.
Music: Set to the tune of “O Waly, Waly,” Scottish folk tune, 18th century, public domain

Hymn lyrics:

Verse 1. Since the beginning of the world one triune God protects the church. By Word and Spirit this is done, and will be so until the end. 

Verse 2. The gift of unity is shown as witness to the world abroad, by means of willing, joyful faith and service to the least of all. 

Verse 3. The pow’rs of sin and enmity in Christ are conquered totally. To reconcile us each to all, this mission is the church’s call. 

Verse 4. For justice God has been revealed, the church for justice God has sealed, to stand with those who have been wronged, to join the voiceless in their song. 

Verse 5. We must obey the Church’s head, Jesus, the Christ whom we confess. Though human pow’rs and laws forbid, still we must walk the way he led.

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