Since We Believe, So We Reject

Lyrics by David Alexander, All rights reserved.
Music: Set to the tune of Azmon (“O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing”), public domain.

Hymn lyrics:

Since we believe, so we reject things we by faith despise. Obeying Christ the church’s head oppose sin’s ev’ry guise. 

The gift of Christian unity an obligation is. To not pursue its fullness would be sinful to commit.

The message we’re entrusted with is to be reconciled. So we expel from our belief all motive to divide. 

God calls the church to mission in an unjust broken world. So that which stands against God’s cause we’ll work to overthrow. 

Obeying Christ, her only head, the church responds to God. No human law can overrule the calling of the Lord.

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