Unity, Reconciliation, and Justice

Lyrics by David Alexander, All rights reserved.
Music: Set to the tune of Mayenziwe, a traditional South African song

Hymn lyrics:

The triune God protects the church that has been gathered on the earth since the beginning of the world and will be so until its end, and will be so until its end. 

The unity we manifest, a gracious gift we here attest, has made us one, and we are blest. By faith alone we’ve been made one. By faith alone we’ve been made one. 

By word and deed we testify that through Christ’s work we’re reconciled. All separations laid aside, all selfishness and hate denied, all selfishness and hate denied. 

The Church belongs to God alone and stands with all who have been wronged opposing all who seek their own, and bring the poor to greater harm, and bring the poor to greater harm. 

Obeying Christ the church’s head, we all are called and we confess. We fear no earthly consequence. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost, are praised and honoured uppermost.