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Church Stewardship and Giving

It’s not just about being able to balance your budget or tithing 10 percent because Scripture says you should. Church stewardship and personal stewardship are biblically grounded aspects of discipleship. But how do you talk with your church or your family about stewardship? And what does it mean to practice stewardship not only when you’re making your budget but when you’re living your daily life? How do you adapt church stewardship and giving for the digital age? Here, you’ll find a whole host of church stewardship ideas and strategies to help you navigate these questions.

How is stewardship different than charity?

Charitable giving is one way you can use the resources God has given you generously. And it’s an important part of biblical stewardship. But stewardship is about the way you use all the resources God has given you, not just whether you tithe or give to charity. As both churches and individuals, we steward our resources in the ministries we choose to invest in, the businesses we support, and even the ways we spend our time. Strong stewardship should start with prayer and discernment and be guided by vision, vision of God’s call for you, your church, or your family. 

Church leaders sometimes shy away from discussing financial stewardship in the church. It can be uncomfortable to talk about finances openly. Asking your congregation to open up their checkbooks to support your own ministry can make you feel particularly vulnerable. But biblical stewardship in all its forms is an essential part of fulfilling God’s mission in the world. And when you cultivate a strong culture of generosity in your church, there’s often a powerful ripple effect on your ministry.

Church stewardship ideas and stories

Explore practical articles and inspiring stories about stewardship and generosity.


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