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Sharing the good news of Jesus

Evangelism is sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although not every Christian is called to be an evangelist for a living, Jesus asks all Christians to participate in sharing the gospel

Evangelism can seem intimidating to many people. But it’s important to remember that opening someone’s heart up to the gospel is ultimately the work of the Holy Spirit. Being an evangelist just means acting as a messenger for the good news. 

Getting started

Discover what the Bible says about sharing the gospel, learn how to share your faith story with others, and get suggestions for responding to common questions about Christianity. As you share the gospel, be sure to minister to the whole person; your support for someone in need shouldn’t depend on whether they’re willing to convert to Christianity. And if you’re an introvert, check out our tips for evangelism as an introvert.

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How to Frame Your Faith Story

Evangelism often involves being open about your own faith journey with others. Even if you have been part of the church your whole life, you have a story to share about what your faith means to you and how you see God working in your life. This article will help you tell your faith story well. 

Bible opened to the gospel of Matthew on a table with a plant and glass of water

What Does the Bible Say about Sharing the Gospel?

This article examines what the “gospel” meant in biblical times and what the Bible says about sharing the gospel. You’ll also find biblically grounded tips for how to share the gospel in the way that the people in your context need to hear it. 

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How to Respond to Common Questions about Christianity

When someone asks you a big question like, “Why did Jesus have to die?” or “What is sin?” you might struggle to explain what you believe. This page suggests responses to some of the most common questions people have about Christian faith. 

Faithward posts about evangelism

Explore practical articles and inspiring stories about evangelism to get inspired and equipped to share the gospel.


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