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Faithward’s list of top articles and resources from 2022 reflects our readers’ desire to grow spiritually and follow Christ wholeheartedly in everything they (you) do. From spiritual practices to creation care to Bible study, these resources helped deepen faith and shape purposeful Christian living in 2022.

This list is dedicated to the new and noteworthy from this past year. While some of these items were released in late 2021, they first gained attention and traction during 2022.

New Jesse Tree Advent Resources 

Faithward’s Jesse Tree resources are always a popular way for families to prepare for the birth of Jesus. This year was no exception, as we added some exciting new options to our toolkit. It’s safe to say that they were a hit. 

For the first time ever, we offered our Jesse Tree Family Devotional as a print book. We made all the family devotions fully accessible in digital form here on Faithward as well. A new printable Advent calendar based on the Jesse Tree gave thousands of families a fun and meaningful way to countdown to Christmas. New guides to making a Jesse Tree and making Jesse Tree ornaments also helped many people set up their Jesse Tree and create their own ornaments. 

All in all, these Jesse Tree resources, new and old, were an invaluable tool for those seeking to grow their faith and celebrate the Advent season in a meaningful way. 

She Is Called Women of the Bible Study Series

This past year, many of our readers explored how women like Mary and Martha, Abigail, and Junia embraced God’s call for their lives through our popular Bible study series focused on the stories of women in Scripture. This series dives deep into the stories of biblical women so that we all might be encouraged and inspired. The second volume in the series came out on Faithward in 2022, and the response was enthusiastic. 

We also made volumes one and two in the series available in Spanish in 2022; several sessions are now even more popular in Spanish than in English!

Favorite Bible study sessions from 2022 included:

Praying the Lord’s Prayer Series 

The Lord’s Prayer is a go-to prayer for individuals and communities alike. But even with an old, well-loved prayer, we can glean new things. This series explores what Jesus taught us about prayer and how to pray like him. Across a few months, we delved into the six petitions of the Lord’s Prayer, exploring their meaning and how to apply them to our prayer life. As we journeyed through the Lord’s Prayer together, we gained a richer and more meaningful way of talking with God.

Learn how Jesus taught us to pray

What Does the Bible Say about Life after Death and the Resurrection of the Body? 

What happens when we die? We all think about it at least once in a while, and many Faithward readers sought answers and assurance here in 2022. This article by retired New Testament professor Jim Brownson takes an in-depth look at what the Bible says about life after death and answers questions about the resurrection of the body. 

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If you went looking for an outline of Bible passages that tackle death and resurrection in 2022, you may have found this article. Brownson explains how these passages point to the resurrection of the body and life after death, and how Christians can have hope in the assurance of eternal life.

Lent Discipleship Calendar 

Many readers deepened their faith each day of Lent with our Lent discipleship calendar, available online or as a downloadable PDF. It offered daily discipleship practices to help people mark this season of preparation and reflection. It was a great tool for those wanting to make the most out of the Lenten season.

We’re updating this resource for 2023, so check back here soon to use this calendar during Lent this year. (This year, Lent begins on February 22, 2023.)

A Prayer for God’s Mercy in Ukraine 

This prayer was written to lift up the people of Ukraine, asking God to bring healing and restoration. Our prayers for God’s hands to be over the people of Ukraine continue into 2023. 

How to Say Goodbye to a Relationship: Ending Relationships Well

Strained relationships are common these days, and many Faithward readers appreciated this article, which provides insights and advice on how to end relationships in a healthy and respectful way. It gives practical advice on how to gracefully end a relationship, as well as how to remain respectful throughout the process. 

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Amazing Asian, Latin American, and Black Theologians Who Write about Reformed Theology 

Black, Hispanic, and Asian voices are often missing from conversations of Reformed theology. This curated list of diverse pastor-theologians invites you to add a few of these insightful and important voices to your theological diet. We’re thrilled so many of you dove into the work these theologians are doing! Revisit this list the next time you’re looking for some new Reformed theological reading.

Check out these great theologians.

Why Care for God’s Creation Matters: A Biblical Perspective 

This article explores why caring for God’s creation is so important, and how we can do so in a way that is faithful to the Bible. It provides an in-depth look at the Bible’s teachings on creation care and how to live in harmony with God’s world. If you or your church community is resolving to be better stewards this year, this piece is a great conversation starter.

Understanding the Bible: How to Study Scripture Series 

Understanding what the Bible means for you as a Christian today can be complicated. In three engaging, digestible lessons, professor and theologian Dr. J. Todd Billings breaks down how you can get more out of reading God’s Word.

This year, we published each lesson in both video and written form. Many of Faithward’s readers found the session on the impact of cultural context especially helpful, but all three parts are worth a look. 

  1. How to Read and Understand Scripture as the Word of God 
  2. How Cultural Context Impacts the Way We Interpret Scripture 
  3. How to Resolve Differences in the Way We Interpret Scripture 

Gain a better understanding of the Bible and its teachings.

Sabbath Rest: How to Keep the Sabbath Holy 

Carol Bechtel, a professor at Western Theological Seminary, elevated the importance of taking time for Sabbath rest out of our busy lives. In this article, she offers practical tips on how to observe the Sabbath, explaining the ways that keeping the Sabbath holy can help us draw closer to God and obtain much-needed rest. As the 2023 calendar fills up, we encourage you to revisit this article whenever you need a refresher on how to accept God’s gift of Sabbath rest.

Get Sabbath rest and keep the Sabbath holy.


These were just a few of the many articles and resources we shared in 2022. As we begin a new year, we hope that you find something (either from a past year or coming content) that resonates with you and helps you in your faith journey. Our team welcomes your feedback and stories at