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Loving your neighbors through food

Welcome to Food for Faith! Every day we have the opportunity to love through food. No matter how busy we get, eating is something we all have to do each day. And when we share food with our neighbors, the impact can be powerful. This blog is dedicated to sharing stories, resources, and recipes to help you love your neighbor through food. 

This isn't your typical church cookbook

We’re putting together a digital recipe box of dishes and stories to inspire you to connect with others. If you’ve got a great recipe or story about how you’ve experienced love and mission through food, we want to hear it. Share your famous peach pie recipe or tell us about how your family makes tamales together, and we’ll add your recipe to the Food for Faith collection.

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Food for Faith

Mrs. Korver’s Famous Dutch Stroopwafel Recipe

Delight old friends and make new ones with these delicious cookies
green metal garden shovel filled with brown soil
Faith Formation

How to Plant Seeds of Faith by Gardening with Your Kids

Just as we plant seeds in our gardens, God nurtures seeds of faith in our kids
Food for Faith

Passover: The Taste of Redemption

A Jewish friend helps us understand and experience the elements of the Passover meal.
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Food for Faith

Rosemary Cheddar Irish Soda Bread

Slow down and think about your neighbors as you make bread

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