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Food for Faith

Loving your neighbors through food

Welcome to Food for Faith! Every day we have the opportunity to love through food. No matter how busy we get, eating is something we all have to do each day. And when we share food with our neighbors, the impact can be powerful. This blog is dedicated to sharing stories, resources, and recipes to help you love your neighbor through food. 


pizza dough on flour covered wood board
Food for Faith

Sleep Tight Day with Pizza Dough Recipe

We come as we are and enjoy each others’ company, eat good food (like pizza), and take delight in festivities.
red onion with carrots and capers on wooden cutting board
Food for Faith

Christmas Eve in Nicaragua with Gallina Con Relleno

Chopping and cooking, aromatic smells, and waiting for midnight—all part of Christmas celebration in Nicaragua.
white mug on wooden surface
Food for Faith

Hospitality and Hot Chocolate in Peru

Holiday celebrations aren't complete without hot chocolate in Peru.
green and red fruits
Food for Faith

Christmas Chile

Discover the many chiles of New Mexico with this Christmas dish
steamed rice beside beans
Food for Faith
Christmas in Niger with Riz au Gras (Jollof Rice)
brown cookies on white ceramic plate
Food for Faith
Cookies and Carols
community meal outside at table
Faith Practices
How to Host a Community Meal (and Why This Biblical Practice Matters)
Food for Faith
Mrs. Korver’s Famous Dutch Stroopwafel Recipe
green metal garden shovel filled with brown soil
Faith Formation
How to Plant Seeds of Faith by Gardening with Your Kids
Food for Faith
Passover: The Taste of Redemption
brown bread on white table
Food for Faith
Rosemary Cheddar Irish Soda Bread
risotto on white ceramic plate
Food for Faith
Mushroom Risotto Recipe
variety of vegetables
Food for Faith
Going Vegetarian with the Whole Family for Lent
white and brown ceramic mug
Tea Time: Building Cross-Cultural, Interfaith Relationships over Chai
close-up photo of baked cookies
Food for Faith
Snickerdoodles and Being Neighborly
assorted vegetables
Food for Faith
The Power of Loving Your Neighbors through Food