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Food for Faith

Loving your neighbors through food

Welcome to Food for Faith! Every day we have the opportunity to love through food. No matter how busy we get, eating is something we all have to do each day. And when we share food with our neighbors, the impact can be powerful. This blog is dedicated to sharing stories, resources, and recipes to help you love your neighbor through food. 


white mug on wooden surface
Food for Faith

Hospitality and Hot Chocolate in Peru

Holiday celebrations aren't complete without hot chocolate in Peru
green and red fruits
Food for Faith

Christmas Chile

Discover the many chiles of New Mexico with this Christmas dish
steamed rice beside beans
Food for Faith

Christmas in Niger with Riz au Gras (Jollof Rice)

Missionary Susan Beebout shares a taste of Christmas in Niger
brown cookies on white ceramic plate
Food for Faith

Cookies and Carols

This holiday tradition shares the love of Christ and tastes great