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The Jesse Tree Story
Coloring and Scripture Advent Calendar

Advent Bible verses and pictures to color

Remember the real meaning of Christmas with this printable Christian Advent calendar. Read and color illustrations of 25 Bible stories that led to the birth of Jesus. As you progress through Advent, you and your family will see how God prepared for Jesus to be born across many generations. This calendar’s Scripture readings and pictures to color are rooted in the Jesse Tree Advent tradition.

Calendar features

Advent Scripture readings

Read 25 key stories from Jesus’s family tree to see how God prepared for him to be born.

Fun coloring activity

Color a symbol to represent each day’s Bible story. Coloring is a great way to keep kids engaged as you read the day’s Bible passage.


You can download and print this biblical Advent calendar in both English and Spanish.

How to use the Jesse Tree Advent calendar

The Jesse Tree Advent calendar begins on December 1 and lasts through Christmas Day. This is a coloring Advent calendar. So before Advent starts, make sure you download and print the calendar. (If coloring really isn’t your thing, or you don’t have access to a printer, we’ve provided a fully digital version below.)

As you countdown to Christmas, each day, read a Bible passage and color the symbol that represents the Bible story. 

Deepen your family’s engagement with the calendar’s Bible readings by reading from The Jesse Tree Story: A Family Advent Devotional. The devotional’s Bible readings align with this calendar’s Bible reading plan. The illustrations even match the artwork on your coloring Advent calendar.

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Advent calendar Bible verses and symbols

To reveal the day’s reading and symbol online, just hover or tap the card below.


Jesse Tree stump with shoot

Isaiah 11:1-2


Adam and Eve holding a globe Jesse Tree symbol

Genesis 1:26-31


snake and apple Jesse Tree symbol

Genesis 3


Noah's ark Jesse Tree symbol thumbnail

Genesis 6-9


Tent and camel Jesse Tree symbol

Genesis 12:1-7


Starry sky Jesse Tree symbol

Genesis 15:1-6


Joseph's coat of many colors Jesse Tree symbol

Genesis 37


Ten Commandments tablets Jesse Tree symbol

Deuteronomy 5


Red rope Jesse Tree symbol

Joshua 2


Grain Jesse Tree symbol

Ruth 2-4


Crown Jesse Tree symbol

1 Samuel 16:1-13


Sheep with crook Jesse Tree symbol

2 Samuel 5:1-5


Solomon's temple Jesse Tree symbol

1 Kings 5:5; 6


Scepter Jesse Tree symbol

Esther 4


Bright light Jesse Tree symbol thumbnail

Isaiah 9:2-7


Wolf and lamb Jesse Tree symbol

Isaiah 11:6-9


Whale/big fish Jesse Tree symbol

Jonah 1-3


Lion Jesse Tree symbol

Daniel 6


City of Bethlehem Jesse Tree symbol

Micah 5:1-5


Praying hands Jesse Tree symbol

Luke 1:5-25


Baptism shell Jesse Tree symbol

Matthew 3:1-6


Mary mother of Jesus praying Jesse Tree symbol

Luke 1:26-38


Angel of the Lord Jesse Tree symbol

Matthew 1:18-25


Sandals Jesse Tree symbol

Luke 2:1-5


Baby Jesus Jesse Tree symbol

Luke 2:6-21

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