Jesse Tree Family Devotions

Read the Jesse Tree Family Devotions with your family daily during the season of Advent. Each devotion tells the story of someone on Jesus’s family tree and corresponds to a symbol that your family can make and hang on your own Jesse Tree. The devotions were written by Grace Claus.

About the Jesse Tree Family Devotions

When to start the devotions: Because the length of Advent varies from year to year depending on where Christmas falls, you may not need to use all of the devotions. If the first day of Advent is after November 27, simply skip a few devotions as you go along. We suggest beginning with the Isaiah 11:1-2 devotion regardless of the date because the passage gives context for the Jesse Tree. We also encourage you to keep Luke 2:6-21 on Christmas Day because that devotion celebrates the birth of Jesus.

Recommended age group for devotions: We created these devotions for families with kids who are elementary age and younger. (If your children are teenagers, they might prefer the devotions we’ve developed for individuals.)

Using these devotions as part of your Jesse Tree tradition: Read the Jesse Tree Family Devotions with your family daily during the season of Advent. If your family is making a Jesse Tree, the Jesse Tree Family Devotions can help you explain the meaning behind the symbols to younger family members. We imagined that you or an older child might read the Scripture passage and devotion aloud, while younger children color the day’s picture. If you’d like more context for a particular story, you can pull out your Bible and read the whole passage listed for that day, rather than shorter selection included with the devotion. You can all ponder the “wonder” questions together.

Looking for Advent devotions to read on your own?