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Faith Deconstruction

What deconstructing faith is, why it happens, and how to get through it.

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Jesse tree ornaments

The Jesse Tree:
An Advent Journey

Journey through the stories on Jesus’s family tree with daily devotions and printable ornaments

Start your Advent journey

Give a gift that gives back

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How to Make Jesse Tree Ornaments

Journey through the whole Advent story with Jesse Tree ornaments

How to Make a Jesse Tree

There are many ways to make a Jesse Tree
Disability and Mental Health

Building a Friendship: The Example of a Good Neighbour

It was refreshing to not make special arrangements or answer any questions; we were already acquainted.
green Christmas tree with decorations and gift boxes on floor
Inspiring Ideas for Christmas Gifts that Give Back: 2022 Gift Guide
man walks with a cane in front of a cement wall with barred windows
Disability and Mental Health
Ableism, Theology, and Me: Coming to See My Disability in a New Light
low-angle view of building during daytime
The Future of the Church in Europe and What the North American Church Can Learn from It
woman in a wheelchair looks off in the distance while sitting at a table with laptop
Church Life
Ableism and Pity From the Pulpit Reveals Much Work To Be Done
school age children in Indonesia smile and learn
Church Life
The Health of the Future Church Depends on Children’s Ministry Today
two people hold coffee cups over a wooden table, one with an impartial hand
Church Life
How My Church Became Accessible and Welcoming—and Yours Can, Too
man holds purple leather bound Bible with image of Jesus as humble shepherd on the page edges
Disability and Mental Health
How Jesus Calls Us To Be Humble in Our Advocacy Efforts
a Bible lays open between an adult and a child, both with a finger touching the page
Faith Formation
Why It’s Imperative That We Continue the Legacy of Faith
silhouette of man and woman sitting on a bench with a screened image of a bay in the background
Why We Should Embrace the Difficult Conversations with Hope for a Brighter Financial Future