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2024 Lent Calendar

With Daily Discipleship Practices

This Lent calendar suggests a discipleship practice or activity for each day of Lent. Your life may be busy, and you may struggle to make time for God. Challenge yourself to deepen your discipleship a little bit each day during the season of Lent. As you take simple steps toward stronger discipleship, this Lent calendar will help you connect with God, start new spiritual rhythms, and embody Jesus Christ in the way you live. 

The discipleship Lent calendar includes links to a variety of resources to help you engage in the daily discipleship practices it suggests. 

Download printable calendar

Lent Discipleship Calendar

Week 1

Observe Ash Wednesday and reflect on its meaning.

Resource: Why I Love the Church Most on Ash Wednesday Reflection

Practice listening prayer; invite God to speak to you in prayer and listen to what the Holy Spirit reveals.

Resource: Listening Prayer Guide

Fast for the day (or a portion of the day) and dedicate typical meal times to prayer.

Resource: Fasting and Prayer Guide

Donate at least three things that no longer give you joy.

Week 2

Read your Bible in a new place, for new perspective.

Spend 30 minutes or an hour in silence, connecting with God.

Resource: Introduction to the Spiritual Practice of Silence

Send a note or a text to someone who is stuck at home right now.

Fast from social media.

Write a personal or family mission statement.

Resource: How to Discover God’s Vision for Your Life

Week 3

Read or listen to the insights of a theologian from a different culture.

Resource: Amazing Asian, Latin American, and Black Theologians Who Write About Reformed Theology

Tell someone how you see God using their gifts.

Pray a Lenten prayer of confession.

Resource: Six Lent Prayers of Confession

Listen to a worship song in another language.

Read Micah 6:8 aloud and reflect on how to apply it to your life.

Resource: Apply Micah 6:8 to Your Life

Give generously of your time, money, or other resources.

Resource: Church Stewardship and Giving Ideas

Week 4

Read the Belhar Confession; pray for racial reconciliation and justice.

Resource: The Belhar Confession (in English, Spanish, Korean, or Mandarin)

Practice centering prayer; guided by the Spirit, choose a sacred word and pray over that word for 20 minutes.

Resource: Introduction to Centering Prayer

Pick one way to be more accommodating toward people with disabilities in your church.

Resource: Ten Ways to Grow in Faith with People of All Abilities

Write a note or letter to a missionary.

Resource: Four Things Your Missionaries Wish You Knew

Make pretzels, a traditional Lenten treat.

Resource: Lent Pretzels Recipe and Prayer

Share your Lent pretzels or another treat with your neighbors.

Resource: Food for Faith Blog

Week 5

Identify at least one way you can practice equitable hospitality.

Resource: How to Practice Biblical Equity-Based Hospitality

Read, meditate, and pray using lectio divina.

Resource: What Lectio Divina Is and How to Practice It

Talk to someone whose interpretation of Scripture is different from yours.

Resource: Understanding the Bible Series

Unplug. Read a book, pray, or spend time with others instead.

Ask someone (who might need a friend!) to join you for a meal.

Week 6

Evaluate your church’s accessibility for people with disabilities.

Resource: Church Accessibility Audit

Pray throughout the day with the Divine Hours (set times of the day for prayer).

Resource: How to Pray the Divine Hours

Write your faith story.

Resource: How to Frame Your Faith Story

Volunteer at or support a local non-profit that you care about.

Make resurrection eggs (especially great for kids!).

Resource: DIY Resurrection Eggs for Holy Week

Holy Week

Write a note of encouragement to your pastor(s).

Share your faith story with someone.

Resource: Tips for Sharing Your Faith Story

Read Luke 22:47-53. Reflect on a moment when you have betrayed Jesus and pray for forgiveness. OR Participate in a Tenebrae service.

Resource: Stations of the Cross for a Tenebrae Service

Get to know a neighbor of a different faith.

Resource: How to Connect with Your Neighbors of Different Faiths