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Our story is very similar to the stories of people who have endured the disasters of wars.
In the war we lost many blessings.
We lost peace, love, family and home.
We had a very happy life.
Suddenly, our happiness turned into misery.
We were living in a refugee camp, but even then we didn’t lose Hope.
We were among the lucky ones chosen to move to this beautiful country.
Our feeling of joy was greater than fear (language, culture, new community, new life).
Would they welcome us?
Would we feel the warmth?
Lots of questions!!
It was fortunate for us to move to this community that embraced us DRAYTON (DRC).
With time, we felt that what we lost wasn’t the  end of the world.
Now Canada is “our home”.
My husband and I both have many friends and a real family with whom we feel love, respect,  and joy in every gathering.
We feel so happy and satisfied.
We are grateful every day for the many blessings we have.

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Does Amal and Adam’s story interest you in learning more about sponsoring a refugee family for resettlement? To learn more about refugee resettlement in Canada, click here. To learn more about refugee resettlement in the United States, click here. Not sure that you or your church can sponsor refugees right now, but want to partner with a church is sponsoring refugees? Contact JJ TenClay, Refugee Ministries Coordinator for RCA Global Mission, at

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