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Gerri Yoshida was born in the United States, but as an Asian American who has lived in several different parts of the country, she has also experienced racism and bullying that many immigrants encounter. She shares her story in this video and explains why she still has hope for reconciliation and healing.

Advocate—Xenophobia and racism are sins that harm us all, whether we are the ones initiating the hate-filled thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions or we are on the receiving end. Gerri’s story reminds us that racism and xenophobia also become more openly voiced and acted upon at times of crisis, such as war, terrorist attacks, or global pandemics. During the COVID-19 crisis, racism, xenophobia, and hate crimes have been on the rise towards people of Asian descent (including in the United States and Canada). Yet, as Christians, we are called to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God (Micah 6:8). How are you and your faith community working to understand and confront racism and xenophobia? Find more information on the the Reformed Church in America’s response to the recent increase in xenophobia and racism towards people of Asian descent here. 

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