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These prints are meant to function as simple and symbolic visual reminders. To keep something in the home as an image to signal solidarity and intercession. Placing myself, and inviting your imagination, into a deeper and wider collective narrative stream. The blurred beauty of nostalgic landscapes; wildflower varieties in bunches along the highway. The anticipation of new birth; the bitter burst of lemon zest cleansing the palate . . . Harkening those places we all see in our minds eye and we all feel in our muscle memory, in order to move away from drawing perpendicular or even parallel lines of empathic attempts at understanding between people who differ. There cannot exist a single protagonist. Neither just “you” or “I” or “them.” So instead, may the gentle prodding of images like these yield more attentiveness to the movements of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

Title: Mediterranean Seed

Two icons:

The sunflower – the crown jewel of the rolling hills of Italian agrarian landscapes.

The citrus fruit- the crop harvested by the rural poor and migrants in the southern regions of Italy. A symbol of advocacy. workers rights. solidarity.

And a question: What is at the heart of the beauty of the land? 

Title: Family Tree

I am like the chicory. Am I not bound to my family? Inextricably locked-in to roots and history? Originating from a seed whether scattered or planted? Am I native, invasive, or naturalized on this land? And is my virtue dependent on my yield? Or could the validity of this family tree stand on its own value, merely for sprouting and taking bloom.

Hannah is currently raising funds to begin serving as a U.S. liaison for Mediterranean Hope, a ministry program of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy that mobilizes the church and community to welcome refugees and immigrants. To support Hannah’s role as an RCA missionary, visit her page:

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