Find your calling from God

Purposeful Living is a structured and Scripture-based process to find your calling from God and fulfill your God-given purpose. This process will guide you toward answers to foundational questions, like: “Who is God shaping me to be?” and “What is God preparing me to do?” so that you can fulfill your calling from God. 

The Purposeful Living Handbook includes:

  • Structured exercises with step-by-step instructions
  • Guidance from Scripture
  • Reflection questions and space to respond

View the Purposeful Living Handbook.

Vea el Manual de una Vida con Propósito en español

Purposeful Living Handbook

The Purposeful Living process

The 5 steps toward discerning your direction and creating your personal calling statement


Why am I here?

What is your destiny? God has shaped and prepared each of us to play a unique role at this point in time that will bring glory to God, share the grace of God, and extend the reign of God in specific ways.


Who has God created and shaped me to be?

Our core values are born out of lessons we have learned through experiences—both good and bad—and then built into our lives. Core values are our “non-negotiables”—things that we will not ignore and won’t abandon. 


What is God preparing me to be and do?

As you respond to what God shows you and begin to live into God’s preferred future, God’s vision for your life becomes more vivid and real.


How do I understand my personal calling as a follower of Jesus Christ?

Discerning your biblical purpose, core values, and motivating vision has prepared you to write your personal calling statement. This statement will help you live a life of personal satisfaction while also advancing God’s purposes on earth.


Which relationships help me stay faithful to God's calling in my life?

Intentional relationships with others play an important role in helping you live out your calling. 

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