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Migrant and Refugee Stories

The “This Is My Story Project” is dedicated to sharing migrant and refugee stories. Our goal is to give people with migration stories and those who have been blessed by them a place to share their experiences. As Christians, we hope listening to their stories will grow our empathy, awareness, and understanding of the global migration crisis. “This Is My Story” is part of Reformed Church in America Refugee Care Ministries.
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Submitted Migrant and Refugee Stories


I was born in Managua, Nicaragua, in February of 1971. Nicaragua had gone through many years of political and civil unrest…

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Over the last 4 years my life has been richly blessed by relationships with refugees and asylum seekers. As a result…

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My parents made the bold and life-altering decision to move from their home in Mexico to build a new life in the United States…

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It still feels like it was yesterday, but it’s been 10 years since my family came to this country (the U.S.) as refugees…

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Rev. Jack

My mother used to invite everyone into the house, “Strays”, my dad called them. People stuck on the road out front, exchange students…

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All I knew about people from the Middle East or Muslims for that matter was what I saw on TV. Which did not paint a flattering picture, a lot of violence…

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I’ve wondered a lot about the life of my friend, Z, when she was my age (14)–before the war broke out in Syria, so I drew this picture…

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I decided to share this poem because I’ve found that few people understand how complicated it is to live, work, and worship…

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Amal and Adam

Our story is very similar to the stories of people who have endured the disasters of wars. In the war we lost many blessings…

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Sam Donaldson is a Quaker who lives in Hull. He was part of a Churches Together in Britain and Ireland delegation that visited migrant and refugee programs of Mediterranean Hope and the Waldensian Church of Italy in Lampedusa and Sicily in April 2017. This poem is his response to a conversation across a table with a young woman who had recently arrived in Italy.

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I was born (in mid-seventies) in a nation that does not exist anymore—Soviet Union. Nowadays I’m a citizen of Azerbaijan but I have lived in the United States for the last fifteen years. Although I have never become a refugee, I had the chance to observe and interview refugees in Azerbaijan and later work closely with refugees who come to America.

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