Justice and Reconciliation Prayer Devotions

Based on Matthew 6:9-13 (the Lord’s Prayer)


This devotional series offers brief reflections and prayers centered on each of the lines in the Lord’s Prayer, as recorded in Matthew 6:9-13. The devotions look at the Lord’s Prayer with a lens of justice and reconciliation. They also use the Lord’s Prayer as a model for prayer itself. A diverse group of writers contributed devotions for this series, each author providing a unique perspective. We will be posting new devotions from the series each week, so check back here regularly to continue reading the series.

How we can learn from the Lord’s Prayer

Jesus believed in prayer! His whole life demonstrated a serious commitment to prayer. Spending time with God the Father was one of his greatest joys during his earthly ministry. Through Jesus’s teaching and by his example, his disciples and followers learned the importance of prayer and fasting. When his disciples asked him to teach them to pray, Jesus gave them (and us) the Lord’s Prayer as a model. It resembles other prayers that came out of the Jewish matrix of Jesus’s time and contains three common elements of Jewish prayers: praise, petition, and a yearning for the coming of God’s kingdom to earth.

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blue sky with clouds to symbolize heaven
Justice and Reconciliation Devotions

“Our Father in Heaven” (Matthew 6:9a) Justice and Reconciliation Devotion

Every tribe, nation, and generation shares one heavenly Father
a pile of nametag stickers with markers to symbolize the role that names play for us and for God
Justice and Reconciliation Devotions

“Hallowed Be Your Name” (Matthew 6:9b) Justice and Reconciliation Devotion

The Lord's name serves God much like our names serve us
A Black woman in a blue jacket speaks into a megaphone at a racial justice protest
Justice and Reconciliation Devotions

“Your Kingdom Come” (Matthew 6:10a) Justice and Reconciliation Devotion

What does it mean to collaborate with God in building God’s kingdom in the midst of racism?
A group of people journeying across mountains and hills and a desert terrain akin to the Exodus
Justice and Reconciliation Devotions
“Your Will Be Done, On Earth As It Is In Heaven” (Matthew 6:10b) Justice and Reconciliation Devotion