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Mission Trip Planning Toolkit

Whether you’re getting ready for your first mission trip, or you’ve participated in many trips, it’s important to be prepared. This toolkit guides you through the mission trip planning process and equips you with tools to use on your trip and after you come home. Resources include travel tips, devotions, fundraising advice, cultural awareness training, and more.

Looking for help with mission trip planning during the pandemic?

Preparing your team

Mission Trip Planning Checklist

Use this checklist to stay on schedule while planning your mission trip.

Meetings You Should Have before Your Mission Trip

Six pre-trip meetings your team should have and a suggested agenda for each one.

Mission Trip Team Building Activities

Building strong relationships with the people on your mission trip team is an important part of trip preparation. Here are some ideas for building trust.

Mission Trip Skills Survey Template [Download]

This editable skills survey template can help you get a sense of the gifts and abilities your mission trip team has so that you know the ways you’re equipped to serve together.

Connecting mission with faith

Spiritual Preparation for Your Mission Trip

Here are some steps you can take as a team to prepare spiritually for your mission experience.

Devotions and Bible Study Suggestions

Mission trip devotions (including a set you can read on Faithward for free) and suggestions for group and personal devotional time during your mission trip.

Mission Trip Prayer Journal [Downloadable Template]

Download and print prayer booklets for your mission trip team to use for prayer, reflection, and devotions during your mission trip.

How to Foster Lasting Spiritual Growth

Advice for cultivating spiritual growth on your mission trip that impacts people’s faith after they come home.

Fundraising and budgeting

Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

Creative ideas to help you and your team raise support for your mission trip.

How to Write a Mission Trip Fundraising Letter

This step-by-step guide shows you how to write a fundraising letter from start to finish and includes a sample letter.

Making Your Mission Trip Budget

A breakdown of costs you may need to account for in your mission trip budget.

Travel and culture

How to Prepare for Cross-Cultural Experiences

Strategies, resources, and activities to help you and your team increase your cultural awareness and agility before your trip.

How to be a Good Guest on Short-term Mission Trips

Follow these tips to be a hospitable guest to the community hosting you.

Travel Safety and Packing Tips

Guidance on what you should pack and how to travel safely for trips within North America and internationally.

Church participation

How to Involve Your Church in Your Trip

Your church may not all be on your trip with you, but there are ways that members can participate.

Coming home from your trip

Mission Trip Team Debriefing Guide

How to process your mission trip during the trip, at the end of the trip, and after you come home.

How to Share Your Mission Trip Experience

Suggestions for sharing your mission trip experience with your church, friends, and family.

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