Mission Trip Commissioning Litany

Use this mission trip commissioning litany in worship to send out a group preparing to represent your church on a mission trip. A litany is a form of prayer that alternates between a leader sharing a prayer and the congregation responding, often with a repeating phrase. Being commissioned is an important part of preparing to go out and serve the kingdom. It is also a way to connect your church to the work a mission trip team will be doing.

Litany for commissioning a mission trip team

Leader: There are different gifts, but the same Spirit that gives them. There are different ways of serving God, but the same Lord is served. Each one of us is given gifts by the Spirit to use for the common good. Together we are the body of Christ, and individually we are members of that body. 

Briefly describe your mission project. 
Call team members and prayer partners up. Have prayer partners stand behind team members.

Leader: Family and friends, I present to you those who God has called to represent our congregation in this mission project.
Mission team, I present to you those who will support you as you go out. They believe your mission is important.

Elder: In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus tells us to go and make disciples. In the gospel of Mark, Jesus calls us to go and tell the good news to everyone, everywhere. In the gospel of Luke, Jesus promises to send the Holy Spirit to be with us. And in the gospel of John, Jesus says, “As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you” (20:21).

What is a mission? It is sending forth people somewhere to serve. God sends people on a mission.
What is a commission? It is granting authority, allowing us to act on behalf of another. God commissions people to go.
You, as a team and individuals, are sent forth by God to a specific service.
You, as a team and individuals, are sent with a commission from God to go and act on God’s behalf.
You, as a team and individuals, will demonstrate Christ’s teachings by loving one another.
You, as a team and individuals, will serve faithfully to bring honor and glory to God.

Team member: Isaiah 6:8 

Elder: Matthew 28:18–20

Leader: Guiding and loving God, empower these people to be your hands and feet. Help them to glorify you by serving others. Send them into the world to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and warm those who are cold. By their actions and words, make them witnesses of your great love and your passion for rescuing your people. Protect them, teach them, and support them as they take this next step in their own journey to becoming the people you want them to be. Fill them with the Holy Spirit and enable them to do their tasks faithfully and joyfully. Bring them safely home and then let their experiences further enrich us, so that we, too, will glorify you by serving our community in the love of Christ. Give this team strength, wisdom, and love to work for you as they serve. Amen.

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