She is Called

Women of the Bible Study Series

A Building God's Church Together Resource

T he Bible is full of stories, which we retell to knit us together as a body, to remind us of who we are, and to inspire us as we continue to walk with Christ. The She Is Called Women of the Bible Study was created to help us dig deeply into the stories of biblical women so that we all might be challenged, strengthened, and encouraged in our faith. We read, tell, and engage with these stories—often hidden or untold—not only because they are inspirational, but also because these stories invite us to experience God in ways that are sure to transform our lives. This isn’t just something women need. It is important for both men and women.
This Bible study is composed of nine different sessions. Each session invites you to explore a different biblical story. You can engage this study in a Bible study group or on your own.  A diverse team of people connected to the Building God’s Church Together ministry of Reformed Church in America Women’s Transformation and Leadership envisioned and created the study. Those who contributed include experienced pastors and professors of theology, and each session offers a theologically rich, in-depth look at a biblical story for the 21st-century reader.

Encouraging, equipping, and empowering women to embrace their gifts and callings

Study nine stories about women in the Bible; each study includes:

Scripture passage

Deeper dive into the story

Reflection questions

Women of the Bible Study sessions

Phoebe women of the Bible study chapter art

Phoebe: Deacon and Benefactor

By Dr. Rob Dixon

Meet a biblical woman whose story has too often been obscured or minimized in the study of the first church.

Samaritan woman chapter art women of the Bible study

The Samaritan Woman at the Well: Disciple and Evangelist

By Rev. Dustyn Elizabeth Keepers

An encounter with Jesus at a well transforms a Samaritan woman from an outcast in her community to an evangelist.

Esther and Vashti Bible Study cover art

Esther and Vashti: Embracing the Roles We're Given

By Rev. Denise Posie

Explore the stories of Esther and Queen Vashti as biblical wisdom literature.

Elizabeth and Mary Bible Study cover art

Elizabeth and Mary: Called to Encourage

By Rev. Dustyn Elizabeth Keepers

See how Elizabeth and Mary encourage one another to listen to the Holy Spirit.

Priscilla and Aquila Bible study artwork, reading "co-workers for Jesus"

Priscilla and Aquila: A First-Century Dynamic Duo

By Rev. Tim Breen

Priscilla and Aquila demonstrate the beautiful and daring possibilities of women and men working together in ministry.

Zipporah Bible study chapter art

Zipporah: Reminding Us Who We Are

By Rev. Dr. Denise Kingdom Grier

Moses’s first wife shows us how flesh and blood faithfully remind us of God’s covenant promises.

Deborah Bible study chapter art

Deborah: Embracing God’s Call

By Pastor Pam Otten

Through the Holy Spirit, ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Deborah’s story is a great example.

Woman with the issue of blood Bible study chapter art

The Woman Who Bled for 12 Years

By Rev. Alisha Riepma

She cried out to Jesus, and he met her where she was with just what she needed.

Rizpah Bible study chapter art

Rizpah: Turning Tragedy into Triumph

By Rev. Terry Ann Smith, Ph.D., and Rev Micah L. McCreary, Ph.D.

Find reassurance in Rizpah’s vigil for justice that God is with us in times of tragedy and grief.

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