Faithward is all about moving faith forward.

We’re so committed to this mission that we even invented a new word to describe it: faith + forward = faithward.

We’re moving personally into deeper discipleship. And together, we’re moving toward the future of the church. We hope you’ll come with us as we imagine what church could be and come together to fulfill God’s vision for us.

Some people get discouraged about the state of the church, but we’re excited. As Christianity becomes decoupled from culture, there are more opportunities to creatively live as Christians and join with Jesus as he redeems our world. The sky’s the limit!

At Faithward, we’re trying to bring something different to the digital sphere. Here you’ll find ideas for living out your faith, reflections on Scripture, and resources to bring your own church along for the ride.

The team behind Faithward is a group of Christians associated with the Reformed Church in America, so you may notice a broadly Reformed approach to theology here. But Faithward isn’t just for Reformed people. We hope Faithward can help Christians of many theological stripes grow in faith and imagine what church could be.