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What if we let Jesus guide everything? Imagine where he'd take us.

We want to follow Jesus forward into the future of the church, wherever that leads us. And we’re so committed to this mission that we even invented a new word to describe it: faith + forward = faithward. 

Faithward is here to help you go where Jesus calls you

Following Jesus starts with knowing Jesus; we get to know Jesus better by following him. So in everything we do, our mission is to help you know Christ better and discern where Jesus is calling you. As we move toward God’s vision for our own lives, we’re also journeying together toward the future of the church. We hope you’ll come with us as we imagine what church could be and come together to fulfill God’s vision for us.

Why we’re excited about the future of the church

Some people get discouraged about the state of the church, but we’re excited. As Christianity and mainstream culture diverge, we’re being challenged to live out our faith more intentionally and creatively. And we’re taking seriously what it means to join with Jesus as he redeems our world. The sky’s the limit!

What you’ll find on Faithward

While we realize that there are many divisions in the church, our focus is on the commitment we share to the heart of the gospel. We’re interested in how we figure out where Jesus is calling us and how we work together to fulfill God’s vision for the church. Here you’ll find ideas for living out your faith, reflections on Scripture and church and faith, stories about how other Christians are following God’s call, and resources to bring your own church along for the ride.

Who we are

The team behind Faithward is a group of Christians associated with the Reformed Church in America, so you may notice a broadly Reformed approach to theology here. But Faithward isn’t just for Reformed people. We hope Faithward can help Christians of many theological stripes grow in faith and imagine what church could be.