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Jesse Tree Instagram Photo Challenge

Observe Advent with the Jesse Tree, a daily journey through Jesus’s family tree. But instead of making ornaments that symbolize each day’s Scripture passage, snap and share photos.

How the challenge works

Each day, beginning on the first Sunday of Advent, share a photo on Instagram or Facebook that evokes the day’s Jesse Tree Bible passage. Reflect on the passage and post your own photo as a response to what you’ve read. You might take it literally—posting a photo of a rainbow for the story of Noah, for example. Or you might work more figuratively, posting an image of something in your life that reminds you of God’s promises. You could also try this as a photo scavenger hunt, taking pictures that represent all the passages in one day.

Invite your church, family, friends, or youth group to join you. The more the merrier!

Jesse Tree Instagram Photo Challenge Scripture Schedule

The date of the first Sunday of Advent varies from year to year. You can just begin the challenge with the Scripture passage for the day when Advent begins this year.



Scripture Passage

November 27 A little branch Isaiah 11:1-2
November 28 A tall tower Habakkuk 2:1-4
November 29 A family resemblance Genesis 1:26-31
November 30 Three trees Genesis 3
December 1 New breath Genesis 6:11-14; 7:17-8:3; 9:8-13
December 2 A big move Genesis 12:1-7
December 3 A starry sky Genesis 15:1-6
December 4 A ram for a present Genesis 22:1-14
December 5 A strange dream Genesis 28:10-22
December 6 A special son Genesis 37:1-36
December 7 Ten loving rules Deuteronomy 5:1-22
December 8 A red rope Joshua 2:1-21
December 9 A brother rescuer Ruth 3:1–4:12
December 10 An underdog king 1 Samuel 16:1-15
December 11 A shepherd-king 2 Samuel 5:1-5
December 12 A living temple 1 Kings 5:5; 6
December 13 A powerful fire 1 Kings 18:17-24, 36-39
December 14 A big risk Esther 4
December 15 A bright light Isaiah 9:2-7
December 16 A new parade Isaiah 11:6-9
December 17 A dark fish belly Jonah 3:1-5
December 18 The best lion Daniel 6
December 19 A promise of peace Micah 5:1-5
December 20 A long silence Luke 1:5-25
December 21 A time to get ready Matthew 3:1-6
December 22 A new normal Luke 1:26-38
December 23 A cool dad Matthew 1:18-25
December 24 A long journey Luke 2:1-5
December 25 A birth announcement Luke 2:6-21

These daily devotions reflect on the same Scripture passages as the Jesse Tree Instagram photo challenge uses. Reading the devotions during the challenge is a great way to deepen your connection with God and get inspired.