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This is My Story:

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Who Can Submit Stories?

Stories can be submitted by anyone who meets one of these three criteria:

  • Has a personal migration story they would like to share
  • Has a personal story to share about being blessed by someone in their lives with a migration history

(Note: you do not need to identify as a Christian to share your story, nor do you need to be a Christian to listen to or read the stories. As a Christian organization, however, we believe that Christians are called to follow the teachings of the Bible, and we believe the Bible has a lot to say about migration and caring for people on the move.)

How Can I Submit a Story?

Simply fill out the form below and make sure you include all of the requested information. Stories can be shared as:

  • A video (maximum of 2 minutes long)
  • Written story (maximum 1 page, single spaced)
  • Original poem or song
  • A photo with a summary of how it tells a migration story
  • Original piece of artwork with a summary of how it tells a migration story
  • A recipe with a summary of how it tells a migration story

Will all Stories Submitted be Posted?

All stories submitted will be reviewed by Reformed Church in America staff and as many stories as possible will be posted within 5-10 business days of submission. Stories that do not meet the intended purposes of this project may not be published but will be retained and will be available to the Reformed Church in America for future use.

Can I Submit a Story Anonymously?

Due to the sensitive nature of sharing stories of migration, we are willing to post stories without names and without photos attached. We ask that you include all of the information requested on the form, and that you click the option to post your story without name and photo on the form. Please note that we will still post your age, nationality, migration journey, and why you’re telling your story/what you want others to know about displacement, migration and seeking refuge along with your submitted story.