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two women listen and discern with folded hands

Spiritual Discernment Toolkit

How to hear from God as you seek to live in faith and obedience

Explore the toolkit
Black woman preaching at wooden podium with cross draped in purple in the foreground

Women in Ministry

Worship resources to celebrate and honor women in ministry

Celebrate women in ministry
a four-way stone path set in grass with multiple logs

Parting to Pursue God: The Importance of Discernment In Times of Division

We have a tendency to force ourselves into the instant-pot crucible of decision-making.
two people have serious discussion with different coffee cups

Knowing God’s Will in an Us/Them World

When we let our preferences take priority over God’s purposes, the enemy sows disagreement and division.
high school students worship on the beach

How a Unique Worship Arts Camp Is Impacting the Church Today

The goal: to have more young people engaged and leading in churches. Find out what’s happening.
Mamie McIndoe is installed as a deacon at Marble Collegiate Church
How Discernment Led to Service as a Deacon: A Calling in Retirement
close up of globe with Southeast Asia as the focus
Four Valuable Lessons from the Global Church Today
woman sings and leads church worship with team behind her
Building God's Church Together
How To Be An Egalitarian Church: Four Steps in the Right Direction
loons on water as sun sets
Creation Care
Holy Creatures Living with Other Holy Creatures in a World That Is Holy
cross made of dried palm branches lays on top of open Bible with palm branch sketch in margins
Purpose/Calling Stories
A Tale of Two Palm Sundays: My Journey Into Ministry
hand holding black and white globe centered on South America
The Global Church and Mission: How We Can Connect Better
group of five people discern together in chairs outside
How Hearts and Attitudes Changed During Disagreement
woman reading Bible at table with other books
What Does the Bible Say About Racism?
group of five people sit outside and talk with city skyline in background
Church Life
Questions to Build Christian Community