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Faith Deconstruction

What deconstructing faith is, why it happens, and how to get through it.

Get answers
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Equity-Based Hospitality Study

Study nine scriptural values related to hospitality and equity

Become more hospitable
Faith Formation

Why It’s Imperative That We Continue the Legacy of Faith

Fifty-one percent of parents believe that the faith formation of their child is not their responsibility. But it is.

Why We Should Embrace the Difficult Conversations with Hope for a Brighter Financial Future

Often, God brings us to these "belly of the whale" moments in order to lead us into new life.
Creation Care

It’s Time To Act: Practice Creation Care and Good Neighbor-hood Everyday

The church calendar says it’s Ordinary Time, but these are extraordinary ecological times we’re living in.
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Equity-Based Hospitality Series
No One Is Called to Everything: Respecting Different Participation Levels
person with mustard colored jacket and rainbow umbrella leaves a blue gift bag on a neighbor's doorstep
Equity-Based Hospitality Series
How Prioritizing the Needs of Your Community Increases Your Welcome
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Equity-Based Hospitality Series
Understanding Power Dynamics in Equity-Based Hospitality
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3 Unexpected Principles for Meaningful Get-Togethers
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Equity-Based Hospitality Series
Servant Leadership is Context-Based Leadership
scrabble tiles spelling out "trust"
Equity-Based Hospitality Series
Why Building Trust in God and Each Other Is Crucial for Hospitality
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Faith Practices
Sabbath Rest: How to Keep the Sabbath Holy
person wearing a shirt that says "respect" standing behind green leafed plants
Equity-Based Hospitality Series
Why Mutual Respect Calls for Authenticity, Vulnerability, and Humility
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Equity-Based Hospitality Series
Why Intentional Diversity Matters and How to Pursue It in Your Church