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Martha Amaro came to know Christ through her young son’s faith. Decades later, she is training Children and Worship leaders, who help children know the love of God. This personal calling story is part of a series on purposeful living.

I  was blessed to find Christ at the age of 26, along with my husband. From that moment, I knew that more people had to hear the message of salvation. This is the story of my coming to know the Lord and my calling to help children know him, too.

One Sunday morning at home, our oldest son, who was only four years old, came into our room. He had been attending a Christian church with my sister every week. That particular Sunday, she was on a trip and couldn’t pick him up for church, so he asked: who’s going to take me to my Sunday school?

“Your aunt is not in town,” I replied. “You must wait for her to come back.”

“But it’s Sunday!” he said, with a sad face.

I clearly remember my answer and the sentences that followed. 

“Son, we are not Christians,” I said.

He looked at me and said, “I have Jesus in my heart. I am a Christian.” 

My husband chimed in: “Let’s get up and take him.” 

So we went with him that Sunday, and our lives were transformed. 

I heard the call to share the gospel in a small mission church that was just getting started. Three missionary couples from the United States were in the living room with us, a total of no more than ten local people and about six children.

That first Sunday—January 13, 1991—the message was direct and personal. John 3:16 was being preached. At the end they sang, “Christ is looking for workers.” 

Throughout my life in Christ I have seen all kinds of conversions, but let me tell you: for me, it was immediate. I grew up in the Catholic tradition, but no one ever taught me that God loved me enough to give his life to save mine. There was no going back. I felt so loved by the Lord that I totally gave my life to him that day. I was baptized along with my husband six weeks later. 

In 1994, while reading the Reformed Church in America’s Church Herald magazine, the Lord confirmed his call on my life. After years of praying for wisdom, I understood that I was being called to serve children in my country.

My faith began when I was dragged to church by my small son, so I understand the power of children to do God’s work. Now I am called to share God’s Word with children across Mexico. God will do great things through them! I fulfill this calling by providing training for Children and Worship, which helps children grow strong in faith. The Lord has trained me for this calling and has confirmed every step, directing where I should follow.

Of course, the call has evolved over time, but for 21 years, I have been serving the Lord in mission, serving those in need. The needs have ranged from outreach to education, tools for life, and food. Each area of service culminates with the transformation of life through Christ, just as he did with me more than 30 years ago. 

In difficult moments, which are many, I am nourished by the words of Psalm 28:7: “The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; therefore my heart rejoices, and I will give thanks to him with my song.” It comforts me to know that the One who called me also trained me for this work. He sustains me.

Martha Amaro

Martha Amaro is a missionary with RCA Global Mission, partnering with the National Presbyterian Church in Mexico to train leaders in seminaries and presbyteries across Mexico. Martha and her husband, Jaime, teach the skills leaders need to put a thriving Children and Worship program in place to guide young children into a strong relationship with God.