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Printable Jesse Tree Ornaments

Each ornament in our printable set of Jesse Tree ornaments represents a story about someone on Jesus’s family tree. Together these symbols show how God prepared for Jesus to be born for many generations. We recommend making your own Jesse Tree and hanging one of these ornaments on it each day of Advent.

Select your Jesse Tree ornaments

The Jesse Tree ornaments are available to color yourself or pre-colored. Each ornament is three inches, and there are 29 ornaments in the set. Color an ornament each day of Advent and read the Bible story it represents together. The length of Advent varies, so you may not need to use all the ornaments.

Color your own ornament set

Tree stump with shoot Jesse Tree ornament black and white

These ornaments you can color yourself are a great way to prepare for Christmas with kids.

Download ornaments to color yourself

Pre-colored ornament set

Tree stump with shoot Jesse Tree symbol

If you’d rather leave the coloring to someone else, no problem! Print these pre-colored ornaments to hang on your Jesse Tree.

Download pre-colored ornaments

Make your Jesse Tree

Each day of Advent, read a Bible story about someone on Jesus’s family tree. Then hang the Jesse Tree ornament that symbolizes the story on your Jesse Tree. (You can also read daily family devotions or personal devotions that reflect on these stories.)

There are a variety of ways to make your Jesse Tree. Here are a few ideas.

  • Choose a tree branch without leaves that has a main branch with lots of smaller branches attached to it. The tree branch should be about two to three feet long. Place the branch in a bucket of dirt or rocks and cover the bucket with green fabric, felt, or paper.
  • Cut a tree with branches from brown felt. Glue it to a piece of green felt, 24″ x 36″. Glue on small wooden pegs to hang the ornaments. Or attach Velcro® to the backs of the ornaments for attaching to the felt Jesse Tree.
  • Make a mobile using a tree branch. Use fishing line to hang the branch from the ceiling. You’ll need to make sure the symbols are balanced when you hang them on the branch so that the branch will remain level.
  • Just use a Christmas tree. A small tabletop or standing tree can make for a great Jesse Tree. You may even have one in your storage room already!

Read daily Advent devotions focused on Jesse Tree Bible stories

Jesse Tree personal devotions

Jesse Tree family devotions